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Clearance Reports / Research Reports

Hollywood Script Research Reports Include: A full clearance breakdown of character, location, business, agency and organization names, as well as any other potential risk factors in a script such as music, artwork, wardrobe usage, dialogue etc…Once these risks are identified, we give you clear alternatives within each report and contact information needed to clear or change an item. We identify all areas of potential risk within the dialogue and direction of your script to save you time, money and keep you clear of any potential legal issues.

Many of the potentially damaging risks are unknown to most writers and producers, a full script clearance report can assist you in meeting the needs for distribution and / or errors & omissions insurance. Our reports can also help to bring down production premiums.

We offer cost efficient rates all productions large and small. Hollywood Script Research also offers multiple project rate packages for teleplays, multiple screenplays, animation, and webisodes.

All of our rates are flat fee charges with no additional expenses tacked on EVER!


  • We provide at least two clear alternates for any item that does not clear FREE of charge within the original report. This will save production and the art department time and money!
  • Unlimited revision lookovers free of charge as long as the changes asterisked.
  • Quick turnaround! Only 2 to 3 business days for reports.
  • Additional items that need checking are only $10. Per item. (These are clearance items that need checking beyond the original report.)
  • We provide comprehensive reports with all the information a production may need to clear any issues.
  • We can provide pre-cleared items to help save time.
  • We are here to answer any questions to help resolve clearance issues, and give you peace of mind. We work side by side with production, legal and art departments to make this a smooth process.
  • We service all film, television, streaming and web productions, feature films (live action, animation or docudrama.), Series, webisodes, commercials and video games.



We provide title reports encompassing results for the USA and Canada with full research opinion.

Our rate for this is $300. when the clearance report is done with us.

The rate is $350. when the clearance report is not provided by HSR.


         When a film is already shot: We can look over a film that has already been shot, with or without the last shooting draft or revision.

With this, we will provide a consolidated breakdown in one neat and concise report. The fee for this starts at $1300.

         When a film has not been shot yet: If there has been a clearance issue or a start and stop or complete overhaul of a project we can help consolidate and confirm that items are clear or  need attention.


HSR provides fact checking & authenticity research,


Hollywood Script Research can provide single, or multi-name clearances for commercial, film, tv, web, and video game productions. $25. Per item for most items.

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