Script Clearance

What is Script Clearance?

Script clearance reports outline, and identify any issues that may cause any legal issues within the work.

At Hollywood Script Research, we go over your screenplay / teleplay and identify all items that present a possible legal issue. This includes character names, business names, product names, organization names, locations, artwork, music, and other copyright or trademark protected material.

Our goal is to not only steer you clear of legal issues, but to help you find suitable alternatives as close to your original work as possible.


Why Does My Screenplay Need A Research / Clearance Report?


Productions need clearance reports for the following reasons:

1. To obtain errors and omissions insurance,(E&O Insurance) – Insurance companies often require this for coverage, and our report can help to lower your premiums.

We also strive to help production and the art department save time and money.

2. To obtain distribution. – Many networks and independent distributors will require this before taking on a project.

3. To avoid costly lawsuits. – Our report will identify legal issues and find the best way to avoid them while still keeping your original work in mind.