About HSR


Hollywood Script Research we are now in our 20th year of service to the film and television industries, providing errors and omissions insurance clearance reports.

HSR was started by Dennis Whitcomb, originally a veteran employee of DeForest Reseach, Dennis went out on his own after Mr. De Forest retired. Keeping the in-depth report format, while saving productions time and money was paramount to Mr. Whitcomb and is still is our first goal!

We are proud to say that we have been able to, and will continue to achieve this for years to come.

We have the approval of insurance companies, an array of production companies and legal counsel.

In addition, we carry a policy ourselves for our protection, and our clients.

Legal clearance reports are required by insurance companies for E&O (errors and omissions) insurance coverage, distribution and peace of mind for production.

HSR has a long list of satisfied clients, including; Large and small production, web series’, streaming services and more…we have been able to provide some of the lowest rates in the industry while delivering our clientele a quality, detailed and professional report.

We have confidence that you will appreciate our rapid turn-around time of 2-3 business days, along with our attention to customer service and counsel for each and every production.

We are located in the Los Angeles area, with clients from all over the United States and abroad.

Hollywood Script Research also provides fact checking, authenticity research, title reports with full research opinion and clearance audits.

We accept scripts delivered via e-mail in PDF or Final Draft formats. We also accept hard copies as well.

*When requesting a quote, please provide all contact information, script length, and type. (fictional or docudrama)