Foresight Monitoring

Foresight: [fawr-sahyt, fohr-] noun. care or provision for the future We Focus On Your IT So You can Focus On Your Business

Studies from big research and industry associations like Gartner and CompTIA have shown that the average small-to-medium-sized businesses lose thousands of dollars a year to network downtime.

Foresight by CityTech delivers proactive managed services that keep your network up and running at optimal efficiency, with superior network performance, security, and reliability—all at an affordable price. ​Here are just a few he features:

24 x 7 Monitoring & Alerting:

Deep network monitoring Immediate alerting

Asset Management:

Automated network scanning and asset discovery
Asset inventory and warranty management

Security Assurance:

Baseline security scanning to detect security holes
Remote monitoring of antivirus and backup verification

Preventative Maintenance: ​

Basic automated scripting to maintain asset health
Comprehensive server health reports


Comprehensive automated reporting (scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, on-demand)

Quarterly Business Reviews:​

Detailed needs assessment
Setting objectives and planning for improvement

We have a pricing package to fit your needs whether your a home user looking for peace of mind or your a corporate client looking to lower your cost of doing business. Contact us today for more information.